Sports and outdoor Activities in Halkidiki

There are so many organized things to do in Halkidiki, compared to the large size of the region and the number of tourists it receives. The combination of the blue sea and the beautiful mountains offer a great variety of sport and outdoor opportunities! When thinking of outdoor activities in Halkidiki, most of the time you’ll find yourself thinking about the beautiful beaches with warm, golden sand, and crystal blue waters. Still, the region stands for much more than its beaches. Halkidiki is also home to some earthly paradises for those who love mountains.



Scuba Diving in Halkidiki

Scuba Diving is one of the most organized activities, as there are diving centers in many tourist places and on the premises of luxurious resorts. These centers offer courses for beginners and professionals too and organize diving trips in the northern Aegean Sea. The programs include theoretical lessons about 30 minutes and then immediately practical lessons in Scuba Diving. The experienced instructors will accompany you constantly; they will tour you in the fantastic underwater world. In the end, the participants will take the diploma of the program which they follow. This is an experience that will stay forever in your mind and your memory.



Jeep Safari in Halkidiki

Jeeps tours are also frequent in Halkidiki due to the forests and secluded beaches of the region. There are so many options to choose the most suitable for you, such as X-Trem Off-Road Experience, Swim Adventure, Bully Safari or Premium Jeep Safari in Sithonia - Kassandra - N.Halkidiki, all you have to do is to choose and enjoy Jeep Safari day trips via well equipped, strictly premium types of 4x4 vehicles, driven by highly experienced drivers. They will drive you through the peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia and the mountainous region around the capital city of Halkidiki, Polygyros.



Horse riding in Halkidiki

Horse riding is another very popular activity in Sithonia Horse Riding Center close to Ormos Panagias. An amazing horseback in the natural surrounding that will definitely fascinate you. Put on your helmet, ride a horse and enjoy an unprecedented experience of freedom. Follow the instructions of the trainers and stroll at the forest. The magic of the forest is waiting for you to know her above the horse saddle. They can be trail rides upon request, while all horses are trained and approved for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. Professional guides and handlers guiding all of tours. A unique experience which definitely will stay unforgettable.



Rent a Boat – be a Captain in Halkidiki

For those who love the sea and sun of Halkidiki there are activities like Fishing Experience and Rent a Boat – be a Captain. A fantastic experience in the crystal clear blue waters of Halkidiki, where you can feel like a captain by taking the rudder of the boat you will choose. You can explore the beautiful beaches of Kassandra / Sithonia, dive in the crystal clear waters of Halkidiki and admire the beautiful view as you leave the coast. The 9/6 hour program where you have the boat available allows you to define the route and the stops you will do to maximize the joy during this activity.



Fishing Experince in Halkidiki

Get on the boat and share a fisherman’s joy! The captain and his experienced crew will introduce you to the fishing secrets. The equipment and the baits are waiting for you to prove that you are a great fisherman or you have the rookies luck. Everything we catch with some seafood, delicates and ouzo on the table to enjoy them with your new friends on the boat. Halkidiki has ideal fishing spots and absolute destination for fishing.



Besides all others, the region offers an unlimited choice of water sports like windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, canoe-kayak etc and flying over experiences like motor paragliding, air balloon, and others. Of course, a boat cruise around Mount Athos or visiting Ammouliani, Diaporos and Drenia islets and sailing along the coastline are among the most popular activities. Do it with other participants on organized cruises or do it with Private Boat and Captain. The options are unlimited and cover all your needs.

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The only thing that's for sure, is that you will always remember these experiences lived in Halkidiki, because as they say ‘’There is nowhere like Halkidiki’’.