Halkidiki, heaven on earth...

Halkidiki is like heaven on earth, so big that you can’t see all of it in a week or two, the more you visit this paradise the more adventure and amazing places you will discover, it has the best beaches and landscapes in the northern Greece. Halkidiki does not have any rivers, and this is one of the reasons why the sea surrounding it, is one of the clearest in Greece. The view from the sea is much better and the experience once in a lifetime.



Daily Cruises in Halkidiki

With safety and respect for nature and the sea, we operate daily cruises from the port of Ouranoupolis and Ormos Panagias to Mount Athos, Ammouliani, and Vourvourou. Also from Port of Neos Marmaras and Pefkochori to Toroneos Gulf. Halkidiki is even more beautiful from the sea. The Cruise in Halkidiki is a unique experience for every visitor. Boat trips in Halkidiki and Athos sea cruises are very popular. See the monasteries of Mount Athos, swim at unique beaches that are only accessible by boat, and have fun all day long with all the amenities offered by the modern ships of our Partners.



"Bride of the North"

Thessaloniki city tour is a must choice, as this is the second biggest town in Greece after Athens. It is often called the "bride of the north", since it is the capital of northern Greece and a very beautiful city. The city of Thessaloniki was founded in 315 BC by Kassander of Macedon. Due to its long history, the city is a combination of three cultures (Greek, Roman, and Byzantine). It is home to numerous notable monuments, historic buildings and squares, churches. The old and modern architecture coexist in a lively city with a vibrant cultural life ready to captivate you! Every year, we help thousands of people organize their holidays in Greece and live an amazing travel experience.



 Meteora, a unique geological phenomenon

Mount Athos and Meteora are the ideal places to visit, especially if you are into religious tourism. Meteora is a must-see place in Greece, as it is a unique geological phenomenon, located in central Greece, next to the city of Kalambaka. The huge natural rock towers found there are home to 14th-century cliff-top monasteries built by Eastern Orthodox hermit monks who settled in the area in the ninth century and began living in the caves and fissures of the rocks. Meteora is one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today remain six monasteries out of the twenty built in the rocks of 400 and 600 meters high.



Ancient Greece lovers

However, for the Ancient Greece lovers, a tour to Pella and Vergina or a tour to Dion Olympos are perfect choices. You can visit Dion, a city where took place many historical facts. The city was founded in 5 BC at the foothills of Mount Olympus and it is the place where Alexander the Great started his eastern campaign.



Boost your adrenaline

And if you crave a different kind of experience, there are tours and adventures for every taste! Visit the hot springs of Aridea or Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods or even a trip to Waterland (which is one of the biggest water parks in Europe) are amazing choices that will boost your adrenaline and will offer you unforgettable moments!



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No matter what you choose to do, no matter where you choose to go, what is sure is that you will enjoy each day of your vacations to Halkidiki and Greece.